Sebastián Díaz Morales

Simulacrum 2, 2007

Simulacrum 4, 2007
Verschiedene Materialien, Video, Leuchtkasten
Courtesy Sebastián Díaz Morales und Galerie carlier | gebauer, Berlin

In the original 19th century kaleidoscope, it was splinters of glass that created ever new constellations with their endless reflections. In Sebastian Diaz Morales’ work, video recordings fascinate us with their brightly-coloured glow. Three narrow, longish mirrors form a triangle, and the video with its reflections merges into a pulsating pattern at the end of this. The show is contained and concealed in a long pipe that directs the viewer’s attention. The kaleidoscopic image is only ornamental at first glance; when we examine it more closely – searching for meaning – we recognise the fragments of the world that make up the image. The kaleidoscope is a philosophical instrument, as its inventor David Brewster already commented.

Sebastian Diaz Morales (born1975) lives in the Argentine and Amsterdam.