Publisher DuMont presented a detailed catalogue for the exhibition in German language.
Editors of the German catalogue: Nike Bätzner, Werner Nekes, Eva Schmidt
Concept: Nike Bätzner

The Hungarian Visual Tactics catalogue was published for the exhibition organized in Budapest, Kunsthalle/M?csarnok in the edition of C3 Center for Culture and Communication and M?csarnok /Kunsthalle Budapest with the support of The National Cultural Fund.

Editors of the Hungarian catalogue: Kékesi Zoltán, Peternák Miklós
Translation: Adamik Lajos, Kékesi Zoltán, Mélyi József, Nagy Edina
Graphic design: Bárd Johanna
The Titlepage made use of work, The Saint’s Paradox, by Regina Silveira. Photo: Mauro Restiffe

Printed by: Mester Nyomda, Budapest
ISBN 978-964-9506-35-0

Catalogues are for sale in the bookstore of Kunsthalle/M?csarnok.

The Hungarian Visual Tactics catalogue in PDF format »

With essays from: Nike Bätzner, Peter Bexte, Roberto Casati, Heinz-Werner Lawo, Hanne Loreck, Helga Lutz, Michael Mayer, Werner Nekes, Peternák Miklós, Jean-Christophe Royoux, Eva Schmidt.