Margarete Hahner

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Kaskadeur, 2002
Öl auf Schallplatten, 70 Schallplatten
Courtesy Margarete Hahner und Galerie Zwinger, Berlin

Margarete Hahner develops sequences of painted images on unusual carriers: vinyl records. Their round form causes us to see the images strangely removed, as if through a telescope. The picture sequences unfold without any plan. Repetition of the motif leads to an error or a disturbance in the process, something new that triggers the metamorphoses. In Kaskadeur, for example, a cardinal in red robes is followed by a human figure that is physically joined to a bottle; then there is a form that emerges from an eye, followed by a pictorial citation of the Infanta Marguerita by Velazques; finally, there is a nightmarish view from below of an approaching train, while rather amorphous forms in-between create the transitions. The individual images are presented on the wall like parts of a set; the punctuation is realised spatially, to some extent. Further processing using a Super-8 film camera underlines the dreamlike transformation. Every painted image becomes a still in the flow of filmic images. A slight stuttering or flickering in the moving sequence of images makes them even more fascinating.

Margarete Hahner (born 1960) lives in Los Angeles and Berlin.