Katharina Meldner

Blickfelder (Geister), 1997
Achtteilige Serie

The Fields of Vision belong to a group of works in which Katharina Meldner collects layers of images and meanings in order to create a dense atmosphere. These scenes appear transported into a misty distance, like dream sequences. The drawings and photographs are manipulated by means of photocopying and the contrasts reduced still further by covering each image with a sheet of tracing paper. The background is produced from landscapes of entirely different scales, such as sections of forest or constellations of stars, varying views of space like the bare interior of a room or a close-up of plasterwork, and structures taken from the microcosm of organic and inorganic nature. The fragmented faces of a man and a woman float in front of them as if peering over the wafts of mist, and in one work we also see the silhouette of a couple. As spiritual phenomena, they seem to haunt the layers of images. The duality of the couple and the pairs of images suggests that this is a sphere of reference corresponding to our own field of vision through two eyes. Meldner refers to the pairs of images as »image reflectors«, in which imaginary energies are exchanged.

Katharina Meldner (born 1943) lives in Berlin.