Attila Csörg?

Eseménygörbék I, II (Ereigniskurven I, II), 1998
Kinetische Wandobjekte

Attila Csörg?´s Incidence Curves are kinetic objects. They each consist of two black discs into which irregularly wharped lines are cutted, and a lamp fixed behind them. The discs are set in rapid motion by means of an electric motor. They partially coincide, and together they form a combined area in the shape of a plum stone. A clear geometric light-form emerges when the two discs overlap during rotation, and when the rotation slows down towards stillness the geometric light-form dissolves and the irregular wharped lines appear again. Csörg?’s Incidence Curves could be simple models of perception, models of a consciousness that observes the world and then strives to understand it. Their constant, unending motion produces forms that have meaning – forms that dissolve and become meaningless marks when the movement comes to an end.

Attila Csörg? (born 1965) lives in Budapest.