Z. Szegedy-Maszák and Márton Fernezelyi

Promenad 2.0 (Promenade 2.0), 1998-2008
Interaktive stereoskopische Raumprojektion

The current form of Promenade 2.0 was reached after several stages of development. A first version was produced for the thematic exhibition Perspective in Budapest; its innovative feature was that the viewer progressed through the projected space using a special apparatus that had been especially developed for the exhibition. At the same time, he used an ultra-sound sensor in order to adjust his own constantly changing perspective in relation to the image projected in front of him.

The resulting experience is unexpected, as we are not accustomed to images behaving in this way: as a rule, whether we are seeing fixed or moving images, the illusion of continuity develops as a result of a kind of periodicity. By contrast, here we are confronted with a dynamic image that only the other, passive viewers can see from a different perspective to that of the active viewer. He defines the image distortions on his path through the successive pictorial spaces, and the moving image is consequently a product of his movement. The stereoscopic version intensifies this effect: as soon as we enter the room of this work, we cannot get rid of the feeling that we are somewhere inside the image. The active viewer moving through the space with the apparatus appears as the creator, but also as a component of the resulting image.

Zoltán Szegedy-Maszák (born 1969) and Márton Fernezelyi (born 1972) live in Budapest.