Rachel Khedoori

102nd Street, 1997
Installation mit 16mm-Film, Guckkasten, Tisch, 3 Stühlen
Courtesy Rachel Khedoori und Galerie Hauser & Wirth, Zürich

For 102nd Street, a film projector projects a film into a peep box. By means of a further projection, the images are then directed onto the wall behind it. The cinematic apparatus, the table and the peep box become sculptural elements that interlock with the room, the projected images and the viewers to create an ensemble. No perspective is favoured, and all the elements are separate and equal in importance. Three different movements emerge within this sculptural installation, consolidating each other: the linear camera motion along 102nd Street in Inglewood, California, which causes houses and parked cars to stream past, the circular movement of the film reels, and the contingent movements of the visitor and his viewpoint. The interlocking of static and mobile elements creates an exemplary link between existing and projected space.

Rachel Khedoori (born 1964) lives in Los Angeles.