Julio Le Parc

Lumières alternées, 1971
Kinetisches Objekt
Sammlung Daros Latinamerica, Zürich

Since the sixties, Julio Le Parc has been developing objects and spaces that integrate light and motion in order to promote new perceptual experiences. “Those experiments with the light and the movement are linked to the principal of moving away from a fix, stable and definite work” In order to arrive at a transformable work, Le Parc employed new materials like acrylic glass and reflecting films, and integrated mobile light sources and moving elements driven by motors. In this way, he realised light effects that extend beyond the actual object into the surrounding space, turning this into kaleidoscopic chambers of light. “In the traditional art work, everything is fixed by sign and keys one has to know to first be able to enjoy it. Facing this situation we thought, the presentation of experiments with multiple possibilities of change, from which the images were the results of the simple set up of elements more or less complex and not from an experimented hand, and where the artist represented a way limited but effective; starting or continuing the demolition of the traditional notions of Art and all its representation and appreciation.” (Julio Le Parc)

Julio Le Parc (born 1928) lives in Paris.