Hermann Pitz

Forme entière, (Die ganze Form), 1987/94
Serigraphie und Glaslinse in Holzschachtel

Hermann Pitz’ artistic reflection aims at poetic constructions dealing with light shining from various sources, mirrors, lenses, magnifiers or drops of water.
Inside an open wooden box, the viewer sees a reproduction of an East Fresian landscape using the printing technique of the old masters: the low-lying horizon reveals cloud formations and a few rural cottages grouped around a church. On the paper, there is a glass object shaped like a drop of water with two bulging forms at the sides. This is a kind of magnifying glass or lens that enlarges and distorts the image while being pushed around the image as the viewer choses. Seen through this moving looking glass the details of the landscape and sky, vegetation and architecture begin to develop a life on their own in an aesthetically appealing way.

Hermann Pitz (born 1956) lives in Munich.